Cold pressed oils are extracted through moderate pressure which are organic from seeds, nuts and even vegetables, exactly how our ancestors extracted it 1000 of years ago. These oils are more nutritious to your body than the highly refined oils and plus enhance the taste of your food if used in cooking; especially Indian cuisine.


Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • A Boost in Good Cholesterol. ...
  • Good for Blood Sugar and Diabetes. ...
  • Helps Fight Back Against Alzheimer's Disease. ...
  • Helps Stop Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure. ...
  • Aids in Liver Health. ...
  • Boosts Energy. ...
  • Aids with Digestion. ...
  • Acts as a Salve for Wounds and Burns.


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  • Wooden churned oils are processed at 40-50-degree C that retains the original Natural contents (Nutrients and Minerals). Human body needs high density LIPO Protein which can get by consuming only Wooden Churned Oil. Pure wooden churned oil reduces the risk of Heart Attack, Blockages, Kidney failure, Paralysis, Arthritis, Diabetes and Brain Damage.

    Caution : Do not transfer oil to a used or unclean container.

    Please note : As this oil is not filtered using any chemical solvents, oil seed particles might settle down at bottom of the bottle which is completely natural and safe for consumption.


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